PJ Harvey has shared the first single, “A Child’s Question, August”, off her upcoming album “I Inside The Old Year Dying” out July 7th via Partisan.

1. Prayer at the Gate
2. Autumn Term
3. Lwonesome Tonight
4. Seem an I
5. The Nether-edge
6. I Inside the Old Year Dying
7. All Souls
8. A Child’s Question, August
9. I Inside the Old I Dying
10. August
11. A Child’s Question, July
12. A Noiseless Noise

The video film was directed by Steve Gullick and PJ Harvey. The song also features backing vocals by Ben Whishaw.

PJ Harvey shared this about the album: “the record is a resting space, a solace, a comfort, a balm; which feels timely for the times we’re in. I think the album is about searching, looking and the intensity of first love, and seeking meaning.”

PJ Harvey also shared this about the recording process: “If I Inside the Old Year Dying is a very tactile, human record, that is partly because just about everything on it is rooted in improvisation: spontaneous performances and ideas, recorded at the moment of their creation.”