Killer Mike has shared the second single, “Motherless”, off his upcoming solo album “Michael” out June 16th.

1 Down by Law
2 Shed Tears
3 Run
4 N Rich
5 Talkin Dat Shit!
6 Slummer
7 Scientists & Engineers
8 Two Days
9 Spaceship Views
10 Exit 9
11 Something for Junkies
12 Motherless
13 Don’t Let the Devil
14 High and Holy

The video for Motherless ” was directed by Shane Smith. He also shared this about the song: “When I first played Dion (No I.D.) the album he said two things—one of which was that I was essentially holding something back and that was the song ‘Motherless,’” Mike said in a statement. “It was the last song made for the album because I hadn’t uttered these words [‘my momma dead’] out loud since her transitioning. When I tell the story of my mother the tales told include one when I walked in on her attempting to take her own life—it gets to the heart of how deeply sensitive an artist and human she was. She survived, was diagnosed bi-polar and depressed; she fought that until the day she died. She lived a beautifully rich outlaw of a life and I am honored to show her as the total beautiful badass she was.”

Alongside releasing the video for “Motherless”, which comes in with a PT. II preamble, he’s also sharing a video for the previously released song “Don’t Let The Devil” which has the PT. I II in the opening titles.

Killer Mike shared this about that: “El’s heard me talk about these bohemian-artsy-disco infused parties my mom used to throw when I was a kid. So when we were trying to figure out what the video for ‘Don’t Let the Devil’ should be Jaime came back with this treatment written out and I cried at the end. What’s even crazier is he didn’t know what we were doing for ‘Motherless’ either but that’s the magic I guess.”