Esben And The Witch have shared their third single, “A Kaleidoscope”, off their album “Hold Sacred” that was released May 12th via Nostromo Records.


The Well
In Ecstasy
Fear Not
Silence, 1801
True Mirror
A Kaleidoscope
The Depths
Petals of Ash

The band shared this about the song: “A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. This song felt like something being born, a creature opening its eyes for the first time, innocently seeing the world and how beautiful it can be. A butterfly doesn’t live for long, a fleeting dream, soaking up the beautiful things. We wanted the song and the video to capture this spirit. The hazy, psychedelic warmth of summer. The vivid colours of the meadows and the thrum of activity within.”

The band will go on a European tour later this month. No additional dates have been announced yet, and no USofA (nor Tijuana) dates yet.