Anohni has shared the first single, “It Must Change”, off the upcoming album “My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross” by Anohni & The Johnsons out July 7th via Rough Trade and Secretly Canadian.


1. It Must Change
2. Go Ahead
3. Sliver Of Ice
4. Can’t
5. Scapegoat
6. It’s My Fault
7. Rest
8. There Wasn’t Enough
9. Why Am I Alive Now?
10. You Be Free

The video for the opening track was directed by Iain Forsythe and Jane Pollard, and it stars Munroe Bergdorf. Anohni shared this about it: “The video stars a personal hero of mine, the British human right advocate Munroe Bergdorf. I’m thinking a lot about our need for resilience during these times, and the courage to be honest with ourselves about who we have been and who we are, as individuals, as consumers, as descendants, as citizens of nations, and as authors of the future landscape. I try to reach for compassion when i am taking a hard look into the mirror at my own complicity in these systems that are overwhelming us all. I find that only by moving with a degree of tenderness through all this imagery can I continue to stay fluid and energized enough to be effective, and not just give up or shut own. A lot is being asked of us, an emergent new maturity. Munroe epitomizes that gracious state to me, in all of her activism.”

About the album Anohni shared this: ” I am releasing a new album in July called My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross. I worked on it with a producer in London named Jimmy Hogarth. I am really pleased with the feeling of it; its a new direction for me, but very much aligned with my heart my previous work. It’s quite a personal record in some ways, and yet i hope that every song finds broader resonance and identification out among the rushes. I just hope that the work will be useful to you, and offer you some energy or solace.”