Water From Your Eyes have shared the third single, “14”, off their upcoming album “Everyone’s Crushed” out May 26th via Matador.

1. Structure
2. Barley
3. Out There
4. Open
5. Everyone’s Crushed
6. True Life
7. Remember Not My Name
8. 14
9. Buy My Product

The video for the song was directed by Rachel Brown. Via a press release the band, Rachel Brown and Nate Amos, shared this about the song: “This is a quasi-serial inkblot signifying submission to personal demons and the realization that change is both necessary and inevitable.”

Rachel Brown shared this about directing the video: “The video came together in a little under two weeks from conception to edit. There had been another video idea that was planned by a different director, but due to unforeseen circumstances they were unable to shoot it and due to the time crunch of leaving on tour, it made the most sense to just come up with a video and direct it myself. I was largely inspired by “Meshes of the Afternoon”, “Last Year in Marienbad”, and “Spirited Away” as well as the painting “The Triumph of Baccus” by Diego Velázquez, a favorite of Nate’s. I wanted to capture the feeling of being haunted by one’s own inner turmoils and the act of letting those conflicts go. Despite the little preparation time and the fact that I was in many ways winging it, I am quite happy with what my friends and I were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and I think it accurately encapsulates the emotions that I feel when I listen to “14”.”