The Lemon Twigs (4AD) played the Casbah last night and it was one hell of a show. 

It felt like being transported sonically back to 1973 (or some year around that). The D’Addario brothers came out melodies a blazing and they did not disappoint one bit. The first half of the show consisted of Brian fronting the band and it was some sort of juxtaposing at some point almost 3 different bands from the early 70’s AND still managing to sound original and most importantly genuine in this era of fake sounding bands. 

Then the transition from guitar to drums and drums to guitar occurred and after the brothers switched places the show took a slight turn, the volume became a little bit louder and the glam rock started pouring out of the speakers. 

Now, I will refrain from using the comparisons as to whom they sounded like because that wouldn’t be fair to anyone, not the band’s mentioned and surely not the Lemon Twigs. What I can say is that you could feel and witness the energy that was being poured from every band member, and remember they still have a few albums to go and grow their sound.

Here’s to hoping they do a round 2 on their tour and come back to San Diego. They’ll be playing some of the major festivals around like Coachella and Fuji Rock and we’re pretty sure that with their upcoming tour in the UK big things will be in their near future.