Esya has released “Absurdity of ATCG (I)” on May 24th, which of there are only 300 copies signed and numbered, and you can pick up directly from here bandcamp.
This is a follow up to her EP “Absurdity Of Being” released last July.

Her 1st single was “Nothing”, of which she said:

“…Nothing” is “an acknowledgement of a moment in your life that changes everything you thought you knew – The profound impact of our relationships, choices and experience. The song is a dedication to a friend lost, not in body but in mind – from a tragic experience that changed their entire being.”
 “The repetitious nature of hope in our lifetime, the hope that our lives will turn out the way we want. The hope that our desires and dreams will be fulfilled, reciprocated and sometimes we may loose or find ourselves throughout that process.” 



1. Everything
2. Nothing
3. Atmosphere
4. Machine Dance
5. Wild Nights



Esya, who is also the bassist for Savages, delivers on this album a bass and synth heavy album that pulsates and fixates itself in searching inward for questions that have not been asked yet. It is most definitely worth your time immersing yourself in this.


Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.