Agender released the song “Preach” in anticipation of their upcoming album “No Nostalgia” out Spring 2021.

Agender is a SCHIZO SYNTHY PARANOID POST-PUNK WITH A DASH OF DYSMORPHIC DESIRE.EXISTENTIAL TERROR HURRAH AND A FETISH FOR FEMININITY. And they are: Romy Hoffman (Virgo) – vocals, guitar. Cristy Michel (Virgo) – bass. Sara Rivas (Cancer) – synth. Christy Greenwood (Cancer) – drums

This is how the band describe their song:

“Preach is a critique, A crossroads, a cry. A siren, a sermon, a scream. A proclamation to hold your power close, like currency. A ritualised transformation from God into Goddess energy. An anti-elegy in favor of empathy.”

The video was directed, edited and chopped by Anthony Maldonado. Maldonado added: “A technicolor vision on the static screens of defiance against this age of madness and misinformation. Preach is an anthem of uprising against a control system fueled by a power-drunk American dictator and the corrupt. Rise up together and vote them out now!”

The album “No Nostalgia” was co-produced by David Scott Stone. He said this of the album: “During pre-production Romy and I decided we wanted to make a record that felt more like a mixtape of all the post punk that we loved. Siouxsie, Wire, ESG, Raincoats, The Voidoids, Slits, Big Black, PiL, Birthday Party, Sonic Youth and other, distill those influences into something new and NOW. For the last 8 years I’ve been learning how to record and produce music and all my friends at DFA records have been my mentors. That means live drums and sequenced synths! I’m very grateful and proud of the work everyone did. When deciding what would be the first song released Preach made perfect sense in a world so rapidly changing and I hope you’ll dance to others when the record is released! Masterfully mixed by Sean Cook (St. Vincent, Angel Olsen, Best Coast) and mastered by the one and only Bob Weston from Shellac of North America”.