The artist is Touching and the song is “All I Need” off the album “littleworlds” which was released October 29th via Head in the Sand.

01 Still Slow
02 Tony Called The Muscle
03 The Same Way
04 Nothing Can Change Your Mind
05 All I Need
06 Spark
07 Diamond In The Light
08 Two Solitudes
09 Caught In The Middle
10 Unbelievable

The video for the single “All I Need” was directed by Michael Falk (Touching).

Hot on its heels comes littleworlds, a new album aiming to disinfect the darkness with sunlight. The sophomore release from Touching is built on feelings of hope, simple joys found amidst conflict, and the anticipation and fear of becoming a parent. Its 10songs were written during the same period as “Isolation Blues” (his debut album) as Falk stepped away from touring and various other collaborative projects.

At the heart of littleworlds is Falk’s rich baritone. His striking voice soars with the passion of Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison, coasts with the coolness of Marker Starling’s Chris A. Cummings, and plumbs the emotional depths of Richard Dawson. Musically, the album injects the downtempo electronic ambience of Massive Attack (“I’m inspired by their late career stuff that no one thinks about,” laughs Falk).

Sometimes listening to the radio does bring in pleasant surprises that make you do a double take to the radio station just to make sure you are listening to something good and that you like that you haven’t heard before (or don’t remember hearing before). This is how we discovered Touching and it was with this song and all it took was one listen for it to grab us. There are no tour dates scheduled yet for the West Coast nor Tijuana.