Deaf Club have released their debut album “Productive Disruption” via Three One G.

01. For a Good Time Call Someone Else
02. Chew the Fat
03. Don’t Forget to Live
04. Catching Flies
05. Shoplift from Jail
06. Wide Lawn, Narrow Mind
07. Full as a Tick
08. Someday All Men Will Die
09. A Day at the Racist
10. New Voodoo
11. Stop Appealing to God
12. Public Acid
13. Power of Negative Thinking
14. Planet Bombing

14 songs in under 24 minutes. The album is as fun as a matchbook and lasts about the same. The songs come at you fast and quick, and like the band said in a statement, Productive Disruption is: a death threat to some, a love letter to others.

📷: Becky DiGiglio

Over the last few months the band released s few videos in anticipation to the full length album. “For A Good Time, Call Someone Else”

“Someday All Men Will Die”

“Don’t Forget To Live”

“Shoplift From Jail”

“Planet Bombing”

And for the release of the album the band did a live performance.

📷: Becky DiGiglio