Jenny Hval has announced the release of her new album “Classic Objects” out March 11th via 4AD.

01 “Year Of Love”
02 “American Coffee”
03 “Classic Objects”
04 “Cemetery Of Splendour”
05 “Year Of Sky”
06 “Jupiter”
07 “Freedom”
08 “The Revolution Will Not Be Owned”

The new single is “Year Of Love”, which is the album’s opening track, the video for it was directed by Jenny Hval, Jenny Berger and Annie Bielski.

The three elaborate on the video: A sense of loss and joy intertwines in a world of disconnected rooms.  The artist inhabits these rooms.  She is frozen in time, space, and mid-vowel.  She is aware of her immediate surroundings.  She is aware that there is more beyond what she can see.  A version of her exists in a compressed, compromised, and objectified state.  She is sitting in a room, in a house, in a neighbourhood, in the art industry.”.