Mild Orange have announced the release of their album, “Looking For Space”, out February 11th via AWAL.


1. Colourise
2. F.E.A.R
3. The Time Of Our Lives (Extended)
4. This Kinda Day
5. Oh Yeah
6. What’s Your Fire (Extended)
7. Take A Moment
8. Aurora
9. Hollywood Dreams 10. Music.
11. Photographics

With the album’s announcement, a new single/video release also occurred. The new single is for the track “Oh Yeah”, the video was directed by Simon Levalois-Bazer.

This is Mild Orange third album and frontman/producer Mehrtens, lead guitarist Josh Reid, bassist Tom Kelk, and drummer Jack Ferguson aren’t just looking for space, they’re carving out grand landscapes all their own. Midway through recording the album, Mehrtens came down with pneumonia and pleurisy, a single breath capable of leaving him in excruciating pain. The experience not only changed the perspective of the rest of the record, but of Mehrtens’ life. He shared: “That put me into some pretty dark spaces, but I’m an optimist, so I was searching for the beauty in the dark.”

The New Zealand quartet will go on a quick USofA tour, they will play the Soda Bar on February 26 and they will also play Mexico City on March 4th, before going to Europe.