Braulio Lam and Simonel have released “Endlessness” vía Static Discos.


  1. Tape Loops and Expired Films
  2. Scottsdale
  3. The Seventh Seal
  4. Double Exposure
  5. Fading Waves
  6. Golden Hour
  7. Endless

Back in November 2021 Casa Del Lago UNAM comisioned Static Discos for a short film. The short film was curated by Ejival, in it Braulio Lam and Simonel joined ambient forces in a collaboration between atmospheric sounds and natural landscapes. “Endlessness” is an almost forgotten dream, a vague memory, where objects and analog sounds get transfixed around the Pacific Coastline’s mist. Tapes in a constant loop, expired film stock, voices and ambient sounds that touch objects closed to extinction and their interaction with the humans that manipulate them in order to create sonic memories.

Remember to listen closely and dream. “Endlessness” is beyondless.