Sharon Van Etten has shared a new single, “Porta”.

Van Etten shared this in a statement about “Porta”: “It was written during one of her “lowest lows” in 2020. For most of my adult life I have struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety and coping mechanisms, and I sometimes let those dark moments get the best of me. During this time I felt very dissociated. Not connected to my body, and I felt out of control.”

During this period she reached out to her friend Stella Cook, who runs Base Pilates in North Carolina. “I knew I was entering a no-judgment zone and I needed to be held accountable for my actions and Stella helped me step up. She was encouraging, but not pushy. If life got in the way, I didn’t feel like I let her down, but I loved our sessions. I looked forward to them. I started feeling closer to her, and closer to myself, and it helped things seem hopeful. And I just wanted to share that with the world.”