Gabe Serbian passed away on April 30th.

We were fortunate to have met him about 10 years ago. We met him before, or we should say he met Zoe, it was before the Retox and Dillinger Escape Plan show. He and JP were the kindest (punk) dudes to talk and hang with a curious 8 year old. They, he, were the complete opposite of condescending and rude. He was kind and funny and warm.

Some of the moments we cherish that we had with him are the ones were he was more than amazing with our daughter. There is the time that Head Wound City reunited and they had a show at the Echo in 2015. While we were waiting for the show to begin Gabe comes in running, all wide eyed and excited beyond belief, to us and whisks Zoe away with filled with excitement. A few minutes later when he comes back says that they just took a picture with someone super awesome and that was with DJ Lance Rock who had come to see the show. Now, the thing that blew us away was the fact that he came in looking for Zoe because he knew, somehow he knew even though we had never shared it, that she was a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba as well. He didn’t have to do that, yet he did. He went out of his way and did something special for our 10 year old.

The following year they were supporting the band Savages on their tour. After the show while we are saying hello and goodbye and nice to meet you and see you again, we were talking to him and while he was not necessarily ignoring us he was entertaining and cracking up our 1 year old. Why was he doing this? Well because we think (know) that this was the kind of person he was. This is the way he always interacted with us.

We were lucky enough to see him perform with The Locust, Head Wound City, Rat’s Eyes, Dead Cross, Planet B, Retox. To say he was the highlight of any of those shows we saw is a damn understatement. He was one of the greatest drummers to ever walked the earth and we were lucky enough to coincide in this world to see him play. And even better than that is that we were able to connect in such a way that he made some of our daughter’s day’s better. He was one of the best people we’ve ever met. He will be missed by his friends, his band mates, the people he inspired, the ones he made laugh, the ones who loved him.