Tijuana Panthers have shared their new single, “False Equivalent”, off their upcoming album “Halfway To Eighty” out June 24th via Innovative Leisure.


  1. Helping Hand
  2. Slacker
  3. Not Your Business
  4. Take Back Time
  5. False Equivalent
  6. Man Of Dust
  7. April New Yorker
  8. Quantum Entenmann’s
  9. Cricket Meditation
  10. Reflections
  11. Beware Of Dog

Their latest single, “False Equivalent”, is somehow catchier and a bit more poppies than all of their previous material. It’s a great fun and jangly track.

Daniel Michicoff shared this about the release: “Not to get all spiritual about it, but when we were younger, we played really hard for nobody, and now the fans do all the work for us. They have the fun and we just kind of rock out, and it’s nice. It’s cool to sit back and play the songs and watch. They’re putting on a show for us.

The Tijuana Panthers have a few live dates lined up. They will be playing Dodger Stadium for the Viva LA festival, they won’t be headlining even though they should but they’re not. And they also are playing Bakersfield this weekend. No other dates have been announced yet for either the rest of the USofA (or Tijuana).