Fake Names have announced the release of their debit album, “Expendables”, out March 3rd via Epitaph

1. Targets
2. Expendables
3. Delete Myself
4. Go
5. Don’t Blame Yourself
6. Can’t Take It
7. Damage Done
8. Madtown
9. Caught In Between
10. Too Little Too Late

They’ve also shared the first single off the album, “Delete Myself”, the video was animated/ created by Alexis Fleisig.

Fake Names is Brian Baker (Minor Threat / Bad Religion / Dag Nasty), Michael Hampton (S.O.A. / Embrace), Dennis Lyxzén (Refused / INVSN / The [International] Noise Conspiracy), Johnny Temple (Girls Against Boys / Soulside) and newest addition Brendan Canty (Fugazi / Rites of Spring / The Messthetics).

Brian Baker said this about the band/album: “The pop influences are a little more out front on this one, and the production really helps it shine. It sounds more direct, more urgent. In general, Dennis writes about revolution, and Michael and I write pop songs. I’m amazed at how it works, but somehow it strikes the right balance of salty and sweet.”