shame have shared the news that they will be releasing their new album, “Food for Worms”, on February 24th via Dead Oceans.

1. Fingers Of Steel
2. Six-Pack
3. Yankees
4. Alibis
5. Adderall
6. Orchid
7. The Fall of Paul
8. Burning By Design
9. Different Person
10. All The People

With the album announcement the band also shared the first single off the album, “Fingers Of Steel”, the video was directed by James Humby. About the song and video Charlie Steen shared this: “Self-obsession, social media flagellation and death can all be seen in this Oscar-nominated performance. No one’s ever done a video like this before and when you watch it, you’ll see why. Think Casablanca, but in color, and better.”

In a press release shame said this: “…The band called upon renowned producer Flood (Nick Cave, U2, Foals) to execute their vision. Recording each track live meant a kind of surrender: here, the rough edges give the album its texture; the mistakes are more interesting than perfection. In a way, it harks back to the title itself and the way that with this record, the band are embracing frailty and by doing so, are tapping into a new source of bravery…”

Steen added that he believes this is “the Lamborghini of shame records.”