Young Fathers have shared, “Rice”, off their upcoming album “Heavy Heavy” out February 3rd via Ninja Tune.


01 Rice
02 I Saw
03 Drum
04 Tell Somebody
05 Geronimo
06 Shoot Me Down
07 Ululation
08 Sink or Swim
09 Holy Moly
10 Be Your Lady

The video visualizer was created by David Uzochukwu, “Rice” is the opening track for the album.

Young Fathers shared this about their upcoming album: “‘Heavy Heavy’ could be a mood, or it could describe the smoothed granite of bass that supports the sound…or it could be a nod to the natural progression of boys to grown men and the inevitable toll of living, a joyous burden, relationships, family, the natural momentum of a group that has been around long enough to witness massive changes.”

They will be touring in support of their new album, no dates have yet been announced for the USofA (nor Tijuana).