(the) Secret Machines have shared, “The Finalizer”, off their upcoming album “The Moth, The Lizard and The Secret Machines” out March 24th.

01. There’s No Starting Over
02. I Think It’s Light Outside
03. You Want It Worse
04. Even Out The Overflow
05. Last One Out
06. The Answer
07. Crucifixion Time
08. Run Out The Silver Light
09. The Finalizer

Brandon Curtis said this about the song: “‘The Finalizer’ is one of my favorite tracks on the record. It started from the same riff as the fourth track on the album, ‘Even Out the Overflow,’ and even though it went in a completely different direction, I feel like it retains some of the same feeling – in a sort of inverse relationship. It’s the last song on the album, and the last song we will preview before we release the whole album. So, I guess there is some finality to it. Endings often come with the promise of new beginnings. But there is always the chance that every goodbye could be the last. Thanks for listening 🙂”.