OFF! have shared their cover of Metallica’s “Holier Than Thou”, off (pun was maybe intended) the upcoming ‘Black Album’ cover album. This version of “Holier Than Thou” sounds heavier and thrashier than that of Metallica’s, it sounds more like early Metallica than post-Black Album.

The video for “Holier Than Thou” was directed by Chris Grismer and it features performances by David Yow and Angelo Moore.

While announcing the release of the video and the fact that they will be reissuing their catalog via Fat Possum they also went ahead and unveiled a new lineup which consists of: Keith Morris (vocals), Dimitri Coats (guitar), Autry Fullbright II (…and you will now is by the trail of dead) bass and Justin Brown (Thundercat) (drums). Which means that Mario Rubalcaba and Steven McDonald are no longer in this iteration of the band. This new lineup sounds ripping hard, this based solely on the only song available right now.

No tour dates have been announced yet but we can imagine they will be getting the van ready for a your soon enough.