Lau.ra has announced the release of her first collection, “Volume 1”, out April 15 via Needwant.


  1. Sideways (feat. Secaina)
  2. You
  3. Chengdu
  4. Wicked (feat. Eliza Legzdina)
  5. Body Go
  6. Don’t Waste My Time (fest. JessB)
  7. Get Creative (feat. Nova)
  8. Blow (feat. Eliza Legzdina)
  9. Don’t Waste My Time (feat. JessB) (Model Man Remix)

The first single she released off the upcoming album was “Blow” featuring Eliza Legzdina.

The 2nd, and most recent single, is “Chengdu” which was made by Lau.ra in China. It’s also the only instrumental song on the record.

The theme line on the album, and previous releases, seem to be an unforgiven and wicked bassline throughout the songs. That’s the line that pierces throughout Lau.ra’s songs/beats is that thumping bass. It’s catchy and is addictive and is soothing and is bouncy and it’s a clean thump to your body. You need to play these songs loud either to yourself or to wake your neighbors up.

No USofA tour dates have been announced. Maybe one day Lau.ra will play Tijuana again.