Tiburona released their album “Sola y Feliz” on October 8th, 2021 via Folc Records.


  1. Sola y Feliz
  2. No Me Interesa Tú Opinión
  3. Besos De Sangre
  4. Queremos Guerra
  5. 4L13N
  6. Escuale
  7. Que Viene El Lobo
  8. Tura Satana
  9. Aquí En Mi Nube

They released a video for the title track which was directed by David Iñurrieta.

Tiburona hails from Madrid, Spain. The trio had previously released a 7″. This is their debut album. Across the album the main theme is women empowerment. Taking on the mansplainers. Taking on what freedom is like for them. A previous video they had released was for the aptly titled “No Me Interesa Tú Opinión”. That video was directed by Diego Cendra Woodman.

Those singles were predated by the would be antifascist anthem that tackles that flock of people who tend to go to the ultra right wing of any government. The song is titled (rightfully so), “Ahi Viene El Lobo”.

For the time being their only tour dates that have been announced are in and or around Spain. No dates for the USofA (nor Tijuana) have been announced.